Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post #156

I would like to put up 2 interesting posts that i read today!

I believe Amit Verma is right about what he wrote here. Other article is from Vir Sanghvi. Interesting observations he makes here.

And when all this is happening, it seems the book store shelves which housed the 5 point someone copies are fast becoming empty due to the right/wrong promotion ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post #155

My post written earlier actually the second paragraph of it made me think about a topic even more. I always wondered which one is greater achievement a)Idea/invention itself or is it b)the implementation/bettering the part of the original idea. This particular thought has left me without any answer even after pondering over it for what i feel is ages now. I still believe the original inventor/author of the idea/story has the upper hand. Without whom it would have been quite impossible to have even imagined a whole thing like that. The dimension/angle of thought that took you to all different plane of thought actually is the creativity that is higher than the art of bettering the existing theory/story/invention. Of course it's all together a different capability to package an idea in a very attractive/useful manner. But without the original idea itself, what do you attempt bettering! Isn't it!?

I hope i made my point. :)

Wish you Happy new year!

Though a little late in writing the post, I guess it makes sense as I'm atleast writing it on 2nd of Jan... ;)

Njoy another year of life and happiness :)

Post #154

I finished reading the latest novel after a long time. One thing that i would initially like to say is that I liked the new novel cover to cover from Chetan Bhagat, "2 States". Very nicely presented story of a couple who are so madly in love. As you read through it, you feel like letting it go only after reading through it into it's last page. He does have a interesting way to keep the reader glued to the book or at least that's what i think as i ran through the whole book once i started with it in the morning today. The author paints a very nice picture of the plot as the "Indian" family drama filled story unfolds. It's quite easy to relate with any character in the story with a real life character around you at any point in the story. And all way along giving an idea of the kind of pressure that almost any normal human in Indian middle class has to go through. I must say it was fun to laugh at the experiences the protagonists had to go through in the bid to make the families love them and accept them. Then to work on the whole new challenge of getting the cultures to respect each others family and extended family. There are some parts that i felt was unnecessary but i would take them as much as other parts in the story. :) Also what i really liked was that the whole book has it very easy on the language and playing well with the story narration with the right mixture of sentiments. I think this is a blockbuster hindi movie script begging to be made into a movie. Unless the director and producer screw up big time on their part. A lot of good attempt should be made to doom this sort of script. A love story that too with such cheesy lines and fun filled characters is hard to fail!

But after i saw this yesterday on TV, I wish the his books remain only books. Our industries and actors and everyone involved don't deserve good plots and good story line. They are just content copying and showing things that others have written/works. And all they then say after making the movie is the word "Inspired" by. He he... Irony isn't it! Well, this is my personal opinion and people can have different opinions on it. But i won't argue on it!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post #153

This post was typed a few days ago sitting in my home when i had nothing to do. I think I'll jus post it as it is. ;)

First day at my native starts with no power! And thus i get a a very "warm" welcome on a supposed to be winter morning in the northern most part of coastal Kerala. In the era when we [read as our democratically elected government] are speaking of computer engineering penetration and rocket science [If you remember the much debated Chandrayan], there is shortage of power. I don't want to make/take political stand here. But it is quite debatable topic if we think of the consequences we as a nation would have to bear in years to come. I'm not sure how the GDP is projected by the authorities when there is such a challenge facing us that will surely eat into our success.

Now after all this and a "couple off" couple off days later, the state of the electricity on an average day, reminds me of my digital electronics experiments in my engineering days. The ON/OFF states off the electricity is practically annoying when they alternate every now and then causing enormous amount of pain. By the way when it is happening inside every chip of my computer successfully, it is something that is pleasurable than annoying! ;) He he..

And as i type this, i see rain drops slithering down the roof of my house and forming a sort of sweet lullaby. This, makes me want to stay indoors sipping to hot cup of tea and watch this interesting match! But i decided to hold on a interesting read by Chetan Bhagat, "2 States". I suggest you buy it from here if you are looking forward to it. Flipkart has given me good service whenever I've ordered books through them. :) Now let me get back to finishing the book. It's cheesy... :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post #152

On a ten day long vacation starting today. Reminds me of the winter vacations i used to have as a school going kid. Feels like life has come one full circle after leaving school. The employer i work for has a Christmas break and there won't be any work carried out for another ten day. So all the employees have some peace of mind knowing that no one would be calling them on their phones even on vacation. This is bliss for another ten days. I plan to do "nothing" for another 10 days other than lazing at my home. Ah!.. I've to stop.. ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post #151

It's been quite sometime that i've really posted anything other than cricket. Let me promise that this is one post that will end posts on cricket if not for ever but for a while.  ;)

We won the quadrangular series that was held over last month and this! A close 15 run victory meant that we'll cherish the hard earned one for a long time to come...

Chasing our target of 155 in 20 overs, Zak solutions our opponents in the finals, fell short of 15 runs when they lost all of their 10 wickets. Thereby giving us reason to cheer in a year that didn't go well in terms of cricket all through out the year. First we had to fight the fact that our teammates were going through a lean patch all at once. Then we had to do away with the fact of "no budget" for our cricket team from the employer and play a series on our own. And then at last we get some good returns for all the hard work in the nets to end the year on a high as a win and to everyone's surprise, we get the budget for the series approved by the employer. Now the hopes are high for the upcoming series starting January second week in the new year. A big 16 corporate teams based event. I'm looking forward to it as much as my eager teammates.

Here are a couple of snaps of our winning team